Dream of your next Destination

This time is the best time to research the location of your dreams.. definitely because this year has started off rough. if your vacation was cancelled due to travel restrictions then it’s time to plan again. It’s sad that Quarantines, Travel Bans and loved ones have been taken away from some us...too fast. One minute I was flying with my kids to Atlanta and now it’s not essential. Better yet, now I’m being risky and can put my family in danger.

I have come to dislike this C word...Covid-19 or the way by favorite beer. I can’t stand what it stands for but yet we are forced to have to live with it. It came to us in the dark and now it’s unstoppable and trying to take away all our shine.

It can’t though. We are resilient and so many essential workers are out there making sure we can live normal...Social Distancing is the new normal. But it’s only for a time. I can’t wait to see our planes flying again our airports full with eager passengers off to new destinations. At this time everyone probably needs a vacation... it doesn’t mean you have to fly. You could take a road trip too.

So, where will you be going with your loved ones. Where will be the new memory and adventure if a lifetime? Now is the time to plan ahead. If you book a trip be sure to add insurance. Looking forward to hosting Thailand next year. Be safe.


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